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I bought champagne for me and Katie to make these blended drinks with and I gave the guy at check out my ID before he could ask like I know the drill and he’s like “Oh you read my mind because you look 14” and me and Katie were like “what” because 14 come on and he was like “You’ll like looking young one day” and I was like “Today is not that day” and Katie was like “People always say that but it’s not going to happen” and like this guys was probs just a few years older but he looked so old because he’s a basic white dude like uh can basic whites dudes just step off I ain’t here for you at all

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My blog turned four today!
Four years I’ll never get back yay!

My blog turned four today!

Four years I’ll never get back yay!

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A clean Mess

A clean Mess

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Zac Efron is my life Zac Efron is my religion Zac Efron is my everything

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Zac Efron was blessed with good looks and that is in fact why he has the YOLO tattoo. He knows no other life holds anything better. He has seen the face of God. He is the chosen one

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favorite dianna outfits - 12/∞

favorite dianna outfits - 12/

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Random Edit - 112~113/?



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